Hexayurt Mods – tentayurt

the hexatent, or tentayurt.  this model is part of a hexayurt mashup adventure i had late at night one day.  it may or may not have any advantages over the traditional hexayurt.  what it does have is the same number of triangles and rectangles as a regular hexayurt in a different form.

suitable to make you think different at the very least.  i’m also looking at the places where there are 8′ edges as locations that can be expanded with more flat panels.

sketchup (8) model :

2 thoughts on “Hexayurt Mods – tentayurt”

  1. having tried to generate a model of this myself, it appears that the bottom edge of the structure is non-plana unless you use uneven sized pieces…wouldn’t work well in reality, but fun thought.

    1. hi dave,

      if you take a conventional hexayurt and cut it in half thru the middle of one of the roof triangles, then put those two sections on their side facing away from each other, you will get this model. the bottom edge will lay flat in a model environment, and in a real environment it will if you push and pull the point to the correct location.

      make sure all your triangles are facing the correct direction – they are all hexayurt convention right angle scalene triangles.


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