H13 – SIP-a-yurt timelapse

New Years Eve, 2010.  Our community holds an annual gathering for about 5 days to celebrate and reflect on the last year and imagine for the next year.  We call it Intention Alberta, after the much longer running Intention on the west coast of BC.  This year we put a project in motion to test and increase our capacity to assemble off grid shelter.  The Hexayurt was the open-hardware building style we chose to work with.

There are a bunch of pictures and models posted previously; here we have a time lapse movie of the second stage of assembly.  the base was put together the day before.  As you may be able to see: we used a frame, square-edged SIPs (structural insulated panels) and triangular wedges to fill the corner gaps. Our next SIP-a-yurt will have beveled edges on the SIPs and just 2 posts (center+front) and one beam for framing.

Note the sexy bathrobes: this was the Steampod (the group tasked with assembling structures and fires, particularly the steam pod itself) uniform.  These bathrobes had a powerful effect on collaborative will and function.  Highly recommended for any other off-beat construction process.


(the embedded frame disappeared for some reason, if it goes away again,the direct link is here)

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  1. This is great! I want to build one with SIPs as well, and I’m curious about your experience with them. Where did you get them, and how are they to work with? It looked pretty straight-forward from the video.

    I’ve been thinking that with strong enough SIPs you wouldn’t need to have a frame, or at least not much of one. I’ll look out for your next SIPayurt to see how it goes.

    Also, there’s a thread on Global Swadeshi that may be relevant to your projects – check it out: http://globalswadeshi.ning.com/forum/topics/evolving-the-hexayurt-through

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