Astral Harvest Lantern Installation

the top of a Lantern Tower at Astral Harvest
Lantern Tower

A big part of my art is site specific lighting installations. I created a new set of cad + waterjet woodcut Lanterns and Light Towers for Astral Harvest. Fun times.

Extending my scope of action is always a fun thing to do, even the painful learning curves (of Adobe Illustrator for example) become satisfying and even enjoyable after the fact. even if it is often takes months.

I had a lot of help from people: Scott Davis did pretty much all of the metal drilling cutting and welding. I’m borrowing a flamethrower from Dancing Wolf. Christy Boulter reminded me of the giant lenses from warehouse HID lighing, available at several re-used building supplies stores. And Austen at Hydrosion has been amazing at turning my vector pictures into finely sliced wood.

4 thoughts on “Astral Harvest Lantern Installation”

  1. dylan – these are fantastic! hurray for laser cutters – though i’m not sure what waterjet woodcutting is.
    was the wood recycled too? congrats on your ever-growing self-taught mad skillz. such an inspiration.

    also it looks like this new site is in wordpress and you’re using NextGen photo gallery. we use that one for Circus Alchemy but i find it visually awkward. however i can’t find another one that i can actually install. sigh!

    love from amira

    1. hey amira,
      waterjet cutting is a machine that uses a very high pressure thin stream of water with sand to cut thru almost anything. computer controlled, same as a laser cutter. so, pretty awesome to get robots to do my dirty work. just need one of my own now ;)

      the wood was not recycled (another friend said at the festival – ‘so you’re using real materials now’) a lot of the metal frame came like new from the scrap yard tho, so almost recycled.


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