Metavores = Recycled Art-Bots from a story of the future.

a small recycled computer art-bot is attempting to sneak away with some obsolete ram
metavore raider attempts to take your obsolete ram undetected.


Metavores are Recycled Computer Art

I have been making these creatures for over 15 years now.  I think that’s either amazing or crazy.  But the best part is it’s still fresh to most people.  It is part of a very old shop-art tradition, where scraps from a skilled workshop get turned into animorphic creatures.  Lots of technicians in electronic assembly facilities have done something similar with their scraps, and told me about it.  Not so many have followed the art form out into its outer reaches of narrative and metaphor.

Metavores are Metaphors

obviously, and fun ones at that.  The official metavore story line is under development, and there is lots of room for other imaginators to play in this universe.  You can check out my (woefully out of date) website Electronic Ouroborus for the story and some pictures.

Find one of your Very Own

We have a small stack of creatures available for sale in our secret hiding place.   So secret I’m not sure how to get to it.  All our work was hand crafted in Edmonton, Alberta, in our laboratory on the south side of town.


picture thanks to Luke GS.