official welcoming statement.


to dylantoymakerdotnet. this is my vanity page, a place to post the things i like to. and links to people i know. plus links to everything else i do on the interwebs. which feels like way to much sometimes, but that’s not your problem is it?

if there’s not enough eyecandy, comment in the gallery to hassle me to post more ;) works great promise!

at winterlight, in jackie parker park
lighting up the architectural features in jackie parker park, for winter light

working on blog templates and stuff

i’ve been trying to get content management systems to work for me for a while, and recently have started on this scene again.  some of it is working pretty well; i payed some money for a template design assist program, making the graphics a lot easier.  but i am still running into a lot of challanges with the pluggins.  buddypress for example is totally discouraging, even as it is so easy and simple.

today i’m going to try and install a gallery and an mobile browser versioner.

drawing stylus play picture i also picked up a graphics tablet recently, and had lots of fun photopainting with it. yay for stylus. i haven’t had one since years.

this first post i quote some abstract spam poetry

for the sake of getting past this first post to the process, i recall some fascinating random word poetry i recieved in the electronic mail from someone i don’t think i know.  i’m sure it was generated by a robot to get past some other robot’s unique text recognition, but i will appreciate it for the crazy beat poetry it evokes.

intellectuals fully was War her provided the of down of government to

of phrases a The as best found has Award Hal A Larsson

and forest international States the Five

there, wasn’t that a fabulously unique first post?  great.  and since this site is all about pictures (i think) i’ll add one of those too.

lightpainting in winter