3 thoughts on “H13 – insulated yurt assembly”

  1. do you have any plans/sketchup files of the base that you made for the bottom frame of this insulated h13? We’re going to try replicating this build (probably uninsulated). We’ve built one hinged plywood h13 with mediocre results (we didn’t properly level & fortify underneath the h13)

    1. Hey Adin,
      I don’t have sketchup files of the base we made, but I’ve got photos somewhere. The base we made was designed for “portability”. It takes a while to set up, but can be disassembled and moved an re-leveled. So it works for that. Overbuilt for a permanent install, and unwieldy for a weekend, but good for seasonal yurtism. I’ll post some in the next couple days.

    2. Hey Adin,
      I posted a relatively detailed set of pictures of our build here: portable-hexayurt-base. Let me know if that helps. I don’t have actual plans/drawings/sketchups, but if i find them I will post them too. If you create some, i’d be happy to share those too.


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