H13 basic sketchup file

simple model of a H13 style hexayurt
commented model of a H13 style hexayurt

i’ve figured out some file serving on the blog here, so now i can offer you a model of the h13 hexayurt i’ve been working on. yay!  let me know if it works for you.

download the sketchup 3d model here:

if you need the program first, get sketchup (free version) from trimble here:

5 thoughts on “H13 basic sketchup file”

  1. Looks great!!!!

    worked fine. now just figuring a way to build it.

    for the roof “beam” down the middle, we could use a 1×6 which is glued / moulded into the edge of the sip. it would stik out slightly on the inside, and you could use bolts to pull it tight.

    this could also have a “peah vent” like in the attic to allow for some natural ventilation if desired.

    Looking at it and will work on the idea.

    this may eliminate the need for the big strap.

  2. Hi, your download file isn’t working. Just keeps giving me a small black screen that won’t download. Love the mockup though and thank you for posting!

  3. Using a 2×6 as a ridgepole would give you 1 inch of overlap at the walls to either side – two would give 2 inches, which is a reasonable-sized eve for rainshedding, better than the Sri-lankan corner, I think.

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